Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am struggling to find the right stack for my webapp project and would really appreciate some help. I’m trying to practice and immortalize my skills as an entry-level developer, and I have basically zero performance requirements. I would like to keep my costs AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.

My needs:

  1. I have an existing .NET Core/React app that I’m working with
  2. I need a graph database. Currently have a Neo4j db on Graphene
  3. I need to be able to use my own domain. I can get my own SSL if necessary


  1. Azure is great, but there don’t seem to be many non-corporate pricing options for my needs. I would love to use Heroku, but it doesn’t seem like they support .NET Core apps
  2. I’m having trouble making requests to my cloud Neo4j db due to some security issue (but I can make unsecure requests to my local db). I tried upgrading to the Azure plan with an SSL, but still no luck. I’m kind of stuck here because I was able to make secure requests from an Express js app I have on Heroku. I know there are Neo4j extensions on the Azure marketplace, but the cheapest option is ~$60/month, which is way too expensive for me.


  1. Are there non-Azure hosting solutions for .NET Core apps (that don’t feel too hacky)?
  2. Is there an inexpensive way to use my existing Neo4j db with Azure?
  3. Are there any other cheap graph database solutions you have used with Azure?

Thanks for the help 🙂

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