The Relationship Between Modularity and Polymorphism
Object-Oriented concepts and practices have a layered structure with both vertical and horizontal relationships between the layers and among items in each segment. The following chart shows this structure. The closer ...
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5 Must-Listen Web Dev Podcasts for Stallions and Code Newbies Alike
And you’re a developer! If you’re a developer, let’s face it — you probably don’t read the docs. Instead, put on one of these podcasts to learn what’s happening in ...
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How Selenium 4 Relative Locator Can Change The Way You Test
Web pages can consist of the number of web elements or GUI elements like radio buttons, text boxes, drop-downs, inputs, etc. Web locators in the context of Selenium automation testing ...
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Node.js and Redis Tutorial: Caching With Node.js and Redis
Cold, hard cache Through this short and introductory article, I would like to mention how caching can be achieved in Node.js applications using Redis and how our applications can benefit ...
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Android App Architecture [Part 3] Data Layer
Clean code is better code In the previous article in this series, I described the Domain layer in detail and provided concrete code snippets of how to implement it to ...
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Going full stack from mobile, any tips?
I wanna go full stack from my current specialty which is mobile development. Currently what I am doing is making this hobby NodeJS with Loopback back-end. I do it at ...
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Serious question: Why is JS still growing despite its reputation?
So I have a serious question. There’s a lot of jokes, memes and stuff on subreddits and even among my friends about JavaScript. I acknowledge that JavaScript is a language ...
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Is it worth it??
So I am coming up on my 3rd year in software development. I have 3 published apps for the company (3 iOS and 1 android). Designed, worked and finished 3 ...
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How to be more data driven?
I’m serving as a the TL of a team that took ownership of a couple of customer facing backend services (data pipelines that power APIs). These APIs are accessed directly ...
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How to deal with language barriers within team?
I work at a large company in the US as a software developer, and a large portion of people in IT are outsourced from foreign companies (mostly indian), and I ...
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