Automate CRUD Operations and Focus on What Matters
I have written about Magic here previously, but on the 5th of January we came out with a significant upgrade to the Magic wand — the ability to automatically scaffold ...
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How to Use Augury to Check Lazy Loading in Angular 8
Introduction In this article, I am going to explain how to check the flow of lazy loading in an Angular application using the Augury Google Chrome extension. When I was ...
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Flutter Interact: All You Need to Know!
Flutter Interact, an event recently held by Google along with the Flutter Community, has ended with some great announcements. Some amazing Flutter features are declared in this immense event that ...
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Electron With Typescript – File Explorer Desktop App
The Electron library is easy to use for native desktop applications with the knowledge of web technologies. If you’re new to Electron and need an introduction, check out this article. ...
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How could I create an interactive map (e.g. Pokemon Go)?
How could I create an interactive map app that feels and plays like Pokemon Go? Not the AR aspect, but the walking around on the 2d map part of it. ...
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Keeping coding style consistent at the work place
To give a little more context- I’m a junior dev at a company and the codebase I’m working with has alot of legacy code. We’re not using nodejs. Front-end is ...
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Create Charts in an Angular 7 Application Using Chart.js
Chart.js is a powerful open source data visualization library. This helps to visualize or represent a data inside a web application using JavaScipt. It helps to plot the data into ...
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Create a D3 Dashboard With Cube.js
In this tutorial, I’ll cover building a basic dashboard application with Cube.js and the most popular library for visualizing data — D3.js. Although Cube.js doesn’t provide a visualization layer itself, it is very ...
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