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HCB was established in 1980 to help those involved in the transport and storage of dangerous goods to keep up to date with changing regulations. We continue to cover regulatory developments and to bring our readers news of products and services that aim to make their operations safer or more efficient.

The magazine covers the transport of all kinds of dangerous goods, but particularly liquid chemicals, liquefied gases, explosives and radioactive materials. It covers transport by all modes: road, rail, maritime (bulk and packaged), inland waterway and air. Its coverage is also global in scope, covering not only North America and Western Europe but also the Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. HCB has full-time writers based in the US and in Poland and a network of part-time contributors in Singapore, India, Brazil, Zambia and elsewhere.

Clear and precise.

The firm needed a new site that would:

  • allow users to easily navigate and access the vast amounts of content the firm publishes
  • offer seamless access to content across different devices
  • enable content to be published across different mediums
  • provide access to secure content for some users

We designed and built a beautiful, fully-responsive website with an integrated content hub that
demonstrated Cargo Media’s brand personality and thought leadership. Content was cross-pollinated
across the site enabling a consistent user journey from landing through to inquiry.

Content was partially visible to those users outside of the fully integrated subscription model. Payments are seamlessly handled via users account creations and debated on a monthly or annual term; whichever is agreed.

The result of this project was a clean and modern design with easy to locate core content. The site is relatively content light which allows a user to easily find key information to take them through the decision making process and move to making an enquiry. Cargo Media are extremely happy with the final outcome and feel that the site reflects their brand and personality throughout.

View the finished product here – www.hcblive.com

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